Prime Real Estate is committed to achieving your objectives. 


Our team works closely with you to develop long term business relationship beyond a first sale.


We are dedicated to involving you throughout the entire sale process and offering decades of experience and well-informed knowledge.  
Each property, may it be a house, a villa, an apartment or a terrace, is an individual project for us and has it has it’s own story.
This goes also for industrial and commercial
properties, where commercial aspects play
a prominent role.


To maximize exceptional results, we offer...


• a free briefing session to ascertain all aspects
  of the property 

• followed by our story as ‘to how to handle it’

• beginning with the individual target audience,

   which includes a full appraisal of its value

• a detailed marketing plan

• a clear time frame.


We believe that only if we get the story right and have your acceptance we can market you property to its maximum potential. Try us!


Prime Real Estate is a team of professional experts. who are  passionate about delivering exceptional results and service.


We are not defined by conventional boundaries,committed to providing the best outcome possible and to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our commitment to you  is to excel to the highest standard with our experienced and dedicated team. 


We provide you with all the current market knowledge and  comprehensive, strategic planning to ensure your successful outcome. 


Remember... The first conversation is free, no strings attached,  and if the fabric is right... 


Let’s do business! Call 0400 88 00 00