Prime Real Estate has a lot of contacts locally with developers, architects, planners, financial institutions, marketers and clients... all neatly packed into our own data bases.

And there is more...contacts you might want to access and if it were only to find a new a new kitchen design, a panel, decorative item or...gain access to our marketing agency AAA Australian Asian Advertising & Marketing, an in house facility to advise on marketing strategies, advertising and PR material, press contacts etc.

There is also a connection to Sydney Publishing, who is spezialized in producing multi channel communication such as newspapers, magazines, social media, direct distributions, mail outs, direct canvassing to support our real estate clients



Affiliate sites                                Expertise.                                                  website-links

Blue Homes                                            Int Real Est                                                  

Sydney Kitchen                                       Kitchenmanufacturer                               

Real Estate Institute of NSW                Real Estate institute                                  

Valuer AssociationNSW                        Valuers                                                         

Schweitzer Solicitor                               Solitors                                                        

Prize Finder                                            Property transactions                               

Sydney Building Information Centre  Customer Info Centre                               

Department of Fair Trading                 Consumer Advocate                                  

Architects Seidler                                   Architect                                                      

Sydney Tourist Guide                            Tourist Büro                                                

NSW Tourist Board                                Tourist Organisation                                  

Residex                                                    Building Publications                                 

RP Data                                                    Building Publications                                 

Sydney Morning Herald                        Newspaper                                                  

Financial Review New                            Magazine                                                     

Money exchange                                    Money Transfer